Self Care Warriors Day 25

The point of doing a challenge like this is to remind ourselves that we deserve nourishing and cherishing.  The wise part of you knows self care is a need, not an indulgent whim. What if you treated yourself as the precious being you are?

Self Care Warriors Day 20

A painting, a piece of music, literature, architecture.  Art reminds us of the beauty and goodness in the world.  It reflects our human yearning and potential to create. How does spending time with art shift your perspective?  What are you inspired to create?

Self Care Warriors Day 18

The foundation of life is relationships.  We absolutely need each other to stay alive and thrive.  Of course, not all relationships are supportive, reciprocal or based on loving kindness.  All the more essential that we cherish the relationships that are… What makes certain relationships so nourishing?  What do you appreciate about your friends?

Self Care Warriors Day 17

Music and movement are nurturing to both our bodies and spirits.  A good song can transport us to another place and time.  Music evokes emotions, memories, dreams, desires… What is your favorite song?  How does your body want to move when you hear it?

Self Care Warriors Day 15

We are halfway through! Check in with yourself.  What have you noticed?  What are you needing? Celebrate what has gone well. Be gentle, forgiving and kind in places where you’ve struggled. What’s your experience of your inner landscape?  What yearnings, desires and longings are wanting expression?

Self Care Warriors Day 14

Overwhelm and stress have likely prompted you to participate in this self care challenge.  Ironically, the way we deal with stress can exacerbate our problems. We tune out instead of tuning in. Overeating, drinking alcohol,  or overindulging in media (cable news, Facebook, Instagram, reality TV.)  You get the picture…

Self Care Warriors Day 12

Our vitality and sense inner peace is directly related to our ability to tell the truth.  This doesn’t only mean being honest with others.  It starts with being honest with ourselves. It starts with the courage to admit a reality we resist or fear. What truth is waiting to be expressed?

Self Care Warriors Day 10

Life can be hard.  People are struggling, suffering, and in pain.  Still, there is joy and beauty in the world.  Still, we experience love, kindness, and compassion.  Still, you have gifts to be shared, enjoyed, and celebrated. For what are you most grateful in your life?

Self Care Warriors Day 9

Overwhelm. Stress. Fatigue. We all know it.  We all feel it. Sometimes the best cure, sometimes the only cure is to rest. Your task:   Rest. Notice opportunities to do nothing. Notice the moments you could do less. Unplug. Take a nap. Go to bed early. Rest.  

Self Care Warriors Day 5

Time to shake things up.  Fully engage by being more present in your body.  Walk, run, dance, stretch, bounce, cycle, row… What is your favorite form of physical exercise? Your task: Spend at least 30 minutes engaged in rigorous physical movement.  Do whatever helps you feel more present and alive in your body.

Dear Loves

Dear Loves, So many of us are deeply troubled and frightened by our current political climate.  Manifestations of our lower selves are not only more visible, but condoned, even celebrated.  I also find myself curious about what would it be like to suffer an even more limited human existence than the one I inhabit.  One where … More Dear Loves

Homage to My Belly, a poem

Crafted at  Writing Woman: An Embodied Creative Writing and Ritual Experience led by poet & wise woman Elana Bell.  This piece was inspired by Lucille Clifton. Image by Antonio Paramo   My body’s fulcrum.  Full breasts above.  Strong hips below. This belly.  Plump, abundant, fleshy.  It sometimes shrinks.  It mostly grows. Rounded mounds.  Soft, pliable. It contains the … More Homage to My Belly, a poem

Corazón, a poem

by eloiza jorge I’m fine alone She says, wanting to convince herself. She’s right. She has survived. Clawed, climbed, clambered out of depths of anguish Cobbling, crafting, reconstructing a life. Finding firm ground underneath Broken open enough for wisdom to take root For a sturdy backbone to get built. Yet it’s sweeter, gentler, kinder In … More Corazón, a poem

Radical Advice for Competent, Responsible, Sensible Women

You’re competent.  You’re responsible.  You’re sensible.  You have it together.  People rely on you. You mostly complete tasks. You’re mostly on time.  You mostly do what you say you’re gonna do. Yet  somehow life is not fully satisfying.  You’re not deeply rewarded for your goodness.  Even when you’re praised for being kick-ass, it doesn’t  feel quite … More Radical Advice for Competent, Responsible, Sensible Women


My name is Eloiza. I’m an educator, a coach, a spiritual seeker and mother of two. I work with women and their longing– a longing for more aliveness, profound meaning, and deeper satisfaction. This site includes the many articles I’ve written over the past five+ years and free resources for you to enjoy, including the … More Welcome

Why I’m in Therapy (the difference between therapy & coaching)

I’m in therapy.  And I’m an integrative coach.  I believe in the power of coaching and am even sometimes cavalier enough to say its methods are superior. And therapy is where I’m at right now. I’m asked all the time what’s the difference between coaching and therapy?  So I sought a great therapist to find … More Why I’m in Therapy (the difference between therapy & coaching)


I had always imagined healing would be this ethereal experience. The sun shining, a community of support, basking in a feeling of wholeness… That is until I really dedicated myself to a healing path.   I then came to understand the often lonely, painful, and dark path healing sometimes requires.