how backbones get built, a poem

backbones get builtceiba
vertebrae by vertebrae
with every victory
with every heartache
with every triumph
with every shattering
with each awakening

they become sturdy
bearing the weight of new consciousness
embodying self-love
strengthened, emboldened Continue reading how backbones get built, a poem

Teaching Kids About Injustice & Police Brutality

Black Lives Matter. This is precisely why we need to let children be children. Not only do we want them to be safe from being murdered at whim and with impunity. We want them to have more than that. Exploration. Discovery. Curiosity. Creativity. Play. This is how they learn freedom. This is how they learn self-determination. This is how they learn justice. Photo credit: Rita Jamai

When it’s time to discuss difficult and sensitive topics with my 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter my first response is normally to tell the truth.  This often means I  keep it vague and abstract, but I’m sure not to lie.

Kids know about unfairness.   Kids know about meanness.   Kids know about lying.

We talk about how small minded people who have power and authority often abuse it.  How people who are hurting inside are often compelled to hurt others.  How it’s important to act with kindness integrity in order to combat darkness and injustice.

And there is a part of me that wants to protect their immature, innocent, untainted psyches.  To let them be children.  Continue reading Teaching Kids About Injustice & Police Brutality

Why You Should Be More Selfish (and 9 ideas to get you started)

For the most part, the women I coach with are generous, conscientious and concerned about social justice. They attend to others’ needs.  They treat others with respect and kindness. They work on behalf of truth and fairness.  They have integrity.

Yet, they often struggle with attending to their own needs.  I often counsel with this play on a common adage:  treat YOURSELF as you would treat others.  In sessions we acknowledge the ways women are tired, depleted, drained.  And this is especially true of mothers… Continue reading Why You Should Be More Selfish (and 9 ideas to get you started)

Let’s Dance into Summer on a Good Note

10309033_10203957219517392_5420923593131977170_nI’ve been hosting the Women Warrior’s Self Care Challenge twice a year for three years now.  I was thinking this summer I would take a break.  After all, the exercises are offered in the free e-book. Many of the women I know are aware what self care is and have some idea how to do it…

Yet clients are reaching out.  Friends are mentioning wanting to make a shift or change. Many of us are grappling with the same questions:

How do I generously care for loved ones while taking into account my personal needs?

How do I honor my own passions while fulfilling obligations to the outside world?

How do I take care of myself? When do I push to do more? Or do I need to do less?

I know the power in offering this self-care curriculum in a community of like minded women.  And I know no matter how awakened we are, the journey of loving ourselves is a life-long practice.  So let’s dance into summer on a good note, together.

As you prepare for our first exercise starting tomorrow morning think about what it means to deepen your self care practice.

Contemplate being a Self Care Warrior:

A warrior must use her discernment, skill and prowess to make decisions in the battle of life.  And in her everyday routines she cultivates practices that develop her skills and ability to engage in it fully.  She strives to be aligned mentally, physically and spiritually.  She is a peaceful warrior, motivated by love.  Forging ahead when she needs to and choosing compassion and mercy as her guide.



This is a sample from the Self Care Warrior Challenge, offered here every January and June.  It is a 30 day regimen with daily exercises and prompts to cultivate your self care practice.  xoxo E

Who is that part of you that is wise and knowing?  When does she show up?   IMG_8390Sense her grace, beauty, courage, wisdom, compassion.

Your task:

Think about and write down the times when your inner goddess has showed up for you.  Does she show up at work but not in your personal life?  Does she show up on the dance floor or perhaps on the open road?  Honor the goddess in you.

Step it up:

Embody your goddess self.  Wear what she would wear. Conduct yourself with the grace, beauty and knowing of a goddess.

Further reading:  Go Ahead, Post that Selfie

How to Fall into Autumn without Losing Your Summer

Asbury Park, NJ 2014

Do you experience a greater sense of expansion, freedom and relaxation during the summer months?  Perhaps it’s the sunshine and longer daylight hours, opportunities to be with loved ones, time off from work…  Many of us feel more alive and connected during the pleasant weather and slower summer pace.

And the transition into fall can feel abrupt. I know it felt that way for me and my children.  Even though I was ready to be in a more regular routine and I normally welcome the change in seasons, the transition was harsh and at times overwhelming.  Adjusting to new schedules, planning meals, buying clothing and supplies for school, picking up the pace at work– getting back to business is tough stuff.

Here are some steps you can take to ease the transition and not diminish the expansiveness, mindfulness and freedom that summer can afford. Continue reading How to Fall into Autumn without Losing Your Summer


This is a sample from the Self Care Warrior Challenge, offered here every January and June.  It is a 30 day regimen with daily exercises and prompts to cultivate your self care practice.  xoxo E

A warrior knows when to make an effort and move forward and when to let go of [her] conquering spirit. ~ Jason Shulman


Your task:

Reflect on your self care practice.  Where are the places you should move forward?  What can you relax into or loosen?  Activate your warrior spirit to discern the difference.