Who is Your Alter Ego? (Video)

In this short clip Amelia Catone shows great courage and vulnerability in sharing her alter ego.

Here’s an excerpt from what I’ve written in the past about Alter Egos & the Boxes We Put Them In

In my work with women the theme of alter-egos unfailingly comes up.   Alter-egos are those parts of ourselves that we have some clue exist but we decide to put away in a box, up on a shelf or down in a basement somewhere.  Hidden, denied,  or rejected parts  start to emerge as you begin to uncover more of who you really are.  Because I am walking this path myself,  I know both the pain and the joy of the process.  When I get to meet other women’s alter-egos they are often bitchy, messy, not so nice and invariably more alive.

So, which of your alter egos will you claim?   What is she dying to teach you?  How can her presence be honored so you can be more wholly you?


7 thoughts on “Who is Your Alter Ego? (Video)

  1. Fantastic topic to think about and explore. I’m not sure an Alter Ego is always a positive side of ourselves, but figuring out who she/he is can always help us work through who we wholly are. Thanks for bringing this up.

  2. Yes, I do have an alter ego, the one who is more focused on self and vents her anger freely and passionately and wants more attention. I also have a little girl archetype that comes out when I am stressed. I find that thinking about the alter ego invariably makes me think of the shadow and where the shadow projects judgement. How do I integrate and become whole…? It is indeed a lifelong quest to integrate these. :) Thanks so much for offering an opportunity to explore the alter ego.

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